8 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer

The day has come where you have to decide the best way to create your digital content for your business. Should you do it yourself? Hire an in-house writer? Or maybe hire a freelance writer? Whether it’s for a blog, website, product description, or newsletter; without informative and compelling content you won’t get the results you are looking for. So to help make your decision a little easier, I bring you the eight best reasons to hire a freelance writer.

  1. Save yourself a little money. Freelance writers don’t come with the same costs as when you hire an in-house writer. Think about it- if you hire a full-time writer you then have to deal with training, taxes, benefits, and insurance. Those costs add up quickly! Save a little money and time by hiring a freelancer.
  2. Diversity. Who says you can only have one writer? Every writer has their niche, so if your business appeals to several different types of people, why not hire several different freelancers to reach all of your target markets?
  3. More time to focus on your business. You could write your own content. But how much time would that be taking away from what you should really be focusing on? Running your business is the most important thing for you to be doing. Your company hasn’t grown the way it has thus far to put it aside to do other things, right?
  4. No need to babysit. When you hire in-house, you spend a lot of time training and answering questions on top of the thousand other things you need to be doing. Freelancers are used to working and researching on their own and will most likely need little to none of your time. So no babysitting required and you can get on to more important things.
  5. Increased blog traffic. Incorporating the right words into your blogs is essential to bringing in more traffic to your site. Freelance writers make it their business to know all about optimizing content for search engines. Did someone say SEO expert?
  6. Regular updates. In-house employees are already super busy with daily tasks and may not have time to keep everything as up to date as it should be. Keeping your website up to date with new content not only helps show visitors that you are current in your industry and can be trusted, but it also shows search engines that your active and up to date which allows your site to show up in the all mighty google search.
  7. Flexibility. Why hire a full-time employee when you can hire someone to do the work only when you need them? Freelance writers are very flexible and unlike paying a salaried employee for a 40 hour work week that you won’t need all the time; freelancers only charge you for the time they spend working on your project.
  8. Skip human resources. There is always a risk when you hire an employee. What if they don’t work out? How much will it cost you if you have to let them go? With freelancers, you can skip the dreaded human resources department since they are independent contractors. Less worry, less risk.

Let your employees (or yourself) focus on the rest of the business while your freelance writer keeps the digital side of your business moving forward. If you think a freelance writer is best for you contact me today to discuss your content needs!

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